The convertible exhibit – eeny meeny miny show!

using the versatility of custom modular booths to your advantage!


The versatility of owning a convertible exhibit system will show itself to be one of the best marketing investment you can make for your trade show and event program. It is easier than you can imagine to take any sized exhibit space and leverage your custom convertible trade show exhibit to fit perfectly with style and ease. We have a spectacular example where we take a single 20×20 design concept and leverage the elements to expand and reduce the needs for some of the more common show floor sizes: 10×10, 10×20 inline, and the island styles of configurations. Let us take a look at how dynamic a convertible booth system can be.

10×10 convertible booth design

The more common compact 10×10 space where you can express your brand in a cozy and yet impactful manner. The lightweight aluminum extrusion structure combined with eye catching tension fabric graphics, and locking reception counter, and workstation with optional monitor for presentations or looping video gives your space an exciting and surprisingly roomy area to attract business leads. The lightweight extrusions along with the fabric graphics will keep your shipping costs to a minimum enabling you to get the most out of your marketing dollar.

convertible 10x10 trade show booth      convertible 10x10 trade show exhibit      convertible 10x10 trade show exhibit floorplan

10×20 inline convertible booth design

The larger inline 10×20 exhibit space offers room for an additional monitor and workstation along with the locking reception podium doubling your interaction space yet retaining the same design and marketing elements for capturing potential prospects and clients. This convertible trade show booth design allows for greater traffic flow and an impactful graphical statement. Colorful tension fabric back wall graphics ensure seamless messaging while additional direct print substrates give your 10×20 convertible just the right amount of attention grabbing messaging to bring visitors in for a closer look. The inline aspect of the design allows for smooth clutter free traffic flow, allowing your brand messaging to shine!

convertible 10x20 inline trade show exhibit     convertible 10x20 inline trade show booth     convertible 10x20 inline trade show exhibit floorplan

20×20 island convertible exhibit design

When its time to “go big” your already ahead of the pack. All of your elements from the smaller exhibit spaces are utilized to make a large impact. Towering aluminum structures blanketed with colorful seamless tension fabric graphics can be seen from across the exhibition hall and ensure your space will attract attention. Combined with direct print graphics, canopy structures, workstations and any additional elements you may need – your lightweight convertible island 20×20 booth design will feel open and inviting. All of the structural elements can be used to create the smaller 10×20 inline and 10×10 exhibit spaces as well giving you an incredible value for your marketing dollar. You will be surprised how the lightweight structural elements will keep your shipping and drayage fees to a minimum allowing you to put your valuable marketing budget to work in other areas on your convertible exhibit structure.

convertible 20x20 island tradeshow stand      convertible 20x20 island trade show exhibit      convertible 20x20 island trade show booth

The convertible exhibit features and benefits

All of these convertible exhibit configurations use the same structural elements and can be adjusted and positioned to give your exhibit a different look for every show and for every show space in the future. Changing the tension graphic content and color can give your convertible booth structure a fresh look every time you exhibit. Want to see other designs? No problem! Our 3D designers and engineers will work with you to take your convertible trade show exhibit elements and create new and exciting variations as you need them. You get the custom exhibit you have always wanted with the versatility of being able to convert the elements into specific show space sizes as you need.

All of our convertible exhibits include fabric-lined crates with customized jigging and reusable packaging that will keep your structural elements and graphics safe and secure during shipping and storage. The main structural elements are made of engineered lightweight aluminum for reduced shipping weight and proudly made in the USA. Assembling these configurations is very simple and done almost completely with locking Hex Key Connections that are strong and quickly assembled, and just as easily disassembled.

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