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Whether to rent or purchase your next trade show boothEconomics and practicality can play a huge part in the decision to rent or purchase exhibit properties. Purchasing a trade show display can be an exciting and rewarding experience. the benefits are clear – own a reconfigurable booth for multiple shows that can travel city to city and change with your current product offerings and services. Owning your exhibit can be a one time expense (outside of general cost-of-ownership) therefor creating a long term capital investment that can be justified within almost any marketing budget. Renting a trade show exhibit can be equally rewarding. Whether you are preparing to rent a display for a single use or multiple shows, this could be seen as throwing away good money at first glance, however, there are many benefits to renting versus purchasing. Rentals are generally classified as a corporate expense instead of a capital purchase, thus eliminating some state taxes and long term depreciation. Design, budget and flexibility are all key components of this decision.

We have developed a simple three-point summary when considering the great debate – rent versus purchase:

The Budget

When purchasing an exhibit, there are given cost-of-ownership expenses that must be considered. Storage, refurbishment and upgrades are just a few expenses that need to be considered. Rental exhibits generally carry less post event expenses since the display properties are owned by the supplier. Rentals generally carry an up front fee for single use, then you simply walk away at the end of the show. Many companies offer rent-to-own options or third party lease options for exhibits should there be a need for multiple uses. Lease terms usually end up with a very low “buy-out” at the end of the lease term. Other ancillary services remain the same for rental exhibits and purchased exhibits. These services include transportation, drayage, on site labor services and audio/visual just to name a few.

Custom Design Considerations

Whether you are renting a display or purchasing, the budget and floorspace are the only restrictions that apply when designing a solution that fits your needs. Today, purchasing and renting exhibits usually start off wit the same process.  Information gathering, concept design and a presentation of a custom tailored solution for your company. The current state of the industry has created a buyer’s market and there are limitless possibilities for both solutions. There is an wide range of design possibilities, a variety of material selections, shapes and floor plans available. Both rental and custom exhibit design projects can be offered with a complete “turn-key” solution with full services offered, we call this “Concrete to Concrete”

Flexibility or Commitment

exhibit rental or purchase considerationsGenerally speaking, renting can make sense where the exhibitor needs more flexibility or might have multiple shows simultaneously or other scheduling conflicts. Companies can make a clear and accurate decisions by renting and experimenting before making a commitment under these circumstances.

Conditions may also arise where a company that owns trade show displays will rent a display for a one time need. These situations usually come up when your current display does not configure to a booth space that has been paid for or when the physical needs inside the booth space fall outside the parameters of the existing booth. Another useful rental scenario might be when a company launches a new product or service. Trade show displays specific to a new product can be rented without a purchasing commitment.
There is something to be said for consistency in trade show displays. Keeping a consistent look and feel is much easier with a purchased display. For a company with a busy trade show calendar, it may be challenging to effectively brand and execute a rental solution without an up front plan of attack. Purchasing a display gives the confidence event after event of knowing your properties and the function of the exhibit from city to city.

Ultimately the decision on whether to rent or buy is bigger than the price tag. Flexibility, design and budget all play important roles in the decision making process.

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Take a peek at some of our rental portfolio properties.  These are just the tip of the iceberg  so if you spot something in another gallery let us know! Chances are we can put together exactly what you need.

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